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Love Letter to “The Audience”

For over a year, performing artists were relegated to silence when pouring their heart and souls over a zoom or video. How we all missed you, Audience!  There is nothing that replaces the sounds you create – whistles, clapping, shouts of approval, it is the lifeblood we are so very privileged to feed off of.   These past few months we have been back to performing again and you have fed my soul in ways I cannot describe. Thank you! Thank you for showing up, thank you for your kind words, thank you for your applause, thank you for your generous contributions to the tip jar – all of which distills down to love.   After every single gig I’ve done since our return on May 29th, I have been so moved and overwhelmed by you – our Audience.  The familiar faces at every gig, the new recruits, the dancers, the listeners, and everyone in between; thank you!  If you had any doubt how much we appreciate you, I hope this love letter dispels that.  You are what drives us, your energy, your smiles, your very presence is what sustains us.

My only hope is that the joy you so freely give to us, is returned ten-fold.

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Jump, jive, and kick your heels up to swing, rockabilly, Latin

and a few sultry ballads thrown in just for fun.  With Jilian Grey and the boys,

Cherry Pie is a delicious, freshly baked musical dance party

with just enough retro sprinkled on top for sweet-stepping good time!

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